Shungite, Natures own Power

Sat Nam Beautiful Friends.

Shungite for Protection against EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies)… The Master Cleanser

Shungite has an innate, proven ability to absorb EMF radiation.

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalises, restores and even stimulates growth. Amazing rock, it kills and devours anything that harms people or other living things, and concentrates and stores all that is good.  The scholars who have studied Shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle”.  Words taken from the blog of Krissy at  Modern science has tested and retested this mineral, only to find that it actually does do what it says on the box.

As always it seems that the mainstream media forgets to tell us all about the bounty of nature.  Our advice is to be a truthseeker, a seeker of all things natural that will heal, love and protect you.

From a spiritual perspective Shungite clears the subconscious of deeply held memories, including past hurts.  It is penetrating and strong, but not overwhelming.  Shungite also acts as mirror, showing us self-sabotaging patterns, and more importantly, the root of these patterns and why we adopted them to begin with.  It brings awareness of unhealthy emotional patterns that we bring into relationships, and the effects they have.

Read and research for yourself, enjoy learning about the amazing Shungite.

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