Join Sarah for a transformative morning of breath, movement, mantra and meditation.  Everyone works at their own pace, in their own time and no experience is necessary.  Kundalini Yoga is amazing for distressing the nervous system, rebalancing mind, body and spirit and for raising your vibrational energy.

You don’t need to arrive flexible or fit, the yoga we do, will get you to fitness and flexibility.

Today’ Kundalini Yoga Workshop looked like this:

Welcome with yogi tea

Long deep breathing in savasana (lying on your back with arms and legs in a V shape and palms facing up)

Tuning in with the mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ which translates to, I bow to the Divine Creator Within

Grounding yourself.  We took a moment to connect with Mother Earth to ground ourselves, to be present in the moment and bring awareness to our bodies.

Pranayama: This morning we worked with ‘Canon Breath’ for two minutes – breathing through the mouth rapidly, cleansing and clearing anything we no longer need.

Warm Up Posture: a warm up routine to warm the body, release toxins and build stamina and strength.

Mantra – Aad Gurey Nameh – the mantra for protection and to gain clarity. 11 minutes.

Kryia for good circulation, the lymphatic system and to prevent illness.

Mantra – Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari.  Chanting this mantra takes away our fears and worries. Gives us courage and confidence.

Long Deep Relaxation – Savasana.

Sound Meditation

Nature Spirit Healing Cards and time to jotter or journal from the session.

Tune Out with Sat Nam (leaving on the vibration of truth)

Yogi tea and treats – Strawberries and Artisian Bakery Almond Biscuits plus Palo Santo Wood stick to take home.

Join Sarah next time – Sunday 20th September 10am – 12.30pm. St.Austell Cornwall.


Abbey Studio