A mindfulness course here at Abbey Studio with Ellie Banner-Ball who also works for the NHS in London,  Ellie will be running a couple of taster sessions at Abbey Studio prior to a six-week mindfulness course.  There will be an evening and morning class to enable everyone to get a chance to come along.

Over the past thirty years mindfulness has proved to be a powerful way to support people who are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.  It gives you an awareness of the thoughts and behaviours you have which can increase your stress levels. Through this self-awareness, you are able to diminish habits which are unhelpful, make better decisions, improve your focus and attention and increase your joy at work and in your personal life.  Being more mindful will also help you take better care of yourself in a positive way, without the reliance on stimulants and negative thinking.

Ellie is warm, kind and friendly and you will love her calm and healing presence.



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