We are delighted that we can offer something to look forward to this summer.  So far we have secured two new retreats, one in Glastonbury (such a healing and heart felt area) and the other here on Dartmoor.  This morning I went to visit Bala Brook Retreat nestled in a quiet and beautiful spot on Dartmoor.  The peace and energy is indescribable.  I immediately wanted to book a weekend retreat spot.  I could really feel the ancestral holding that was going on there, the land was proud, strong and incredibly healing.  It would be an honour to share my find with a group this August, where we can find our stillness within, eat healthy and nourishing food, walk in nature and heal with Kundalini Yoga, Sound and therapies (optional).

I also enjoying sharing the magic of Kundalini Mantra and have just completed a 40 day run of the ‘Antar Naad’ Mantra.  The mantra is incredibly liberating, filling the body with peace and removing any negativity from within your body and mind. The promise too is for prosperity and I feel for sure that life is full of new opportunities and they are flowing into my life.  I will continue this mantra until at least 120 days. 40 days to change a habit (to retrain the mental process and nervous system), 90 days to confirm the new habit and 120 days, the habit is who you are.  1000 days – you have mastered the habit.  This is definitely true as I did this over 1000 days ago when I gave up alcohol from my life.

If you would like to find out more about Kundalini Yoga, mantra, retreats or habit changing please get in touch and I will do my best to share my wisdom and experience.

Sat Nam


Abbey Studio