Star Child Yoga here in South Devon will be launched this summer and our Saturday morning classes will commence on the 29th July just in time for the summer holidays.  Children are so busy during the school term they don’t always want to attend yet another session of activity, they prefer to relax and play at home.  With this in mind and also due to the fact that we are relatively new to Devon we waited to launch Star Child when the calendar is clear.

A typical Star Child Yoga session begins with a tuning in mantra so we can protect our space and invite healing into our circle.  We use pranyama techniques to regulate, relax and destress the nervous system and fun yoga games are interspersed throughout the session to keep the energy fun and friendly.  We will work through a series of yoga poses and by the end of the six week period there will be much progress and then we are ready to show off our class to our parents or guardians. Class six is where the adults get to join in! By this time the children have made new friends, faced challenges i.e. Dolphin and Mermaid pose and opened a whole new world of creativity.

The last quarter of the session is for meditation and relaxation where the children are taken on a guided journey and allowed to integrate the positive changes in their energy.  Once we have tuned out the children are free to create, usually with a blank page where they can draw, write a mandala, or simply colour.

Children love being part of a non-competitive environment where they feel safe, nourished and where their voice is heard.  We work with ‘Get Your Happy On’ cards which are great for bursts of confidence, positivity, encouragement and love.  Lisa Parkes, aka The Smiley Coach created these blissful children’s cards, which have been used time and time again to uplift the whole family.  They are a quick and fun way to encourage positive thinking , self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love.  Lisa and I trained together with Star Child Yoga in London and I am extremely grateful to have met Lisa as so many children have benefited from these wonderful cards.

All ages of children are welcome to join us.  We cater for three different age groups but are always flexible and happy to meet the needs of the individual.  We offer a class at 10am for 4-7 year olds as they are usually up and ready for an adventure on a Saturday morning earlier than older children.  8 – 12 year olds can come along at 11.30.  Classes are for an hour but we allow a half hour turn around so everyone gets their full hour of yoga practice. The Teens are usually ready to play after a late weekend breakfast so by 1pm they can come and find space, strength and stillness on the mat.   Teen yoga will be similar to adult yoga but if they want to play, then we will play.

We look forward to welcoming your children soon.  Please note, DBS checks are all in place and we hold qualified nursery nurse status, and paediatric first aid certificates.

While your children enjoy the class, you can enjoy a coffee, walk, read or explore at Buckfast Abbey.  Parking and entry to the Abbey is free.

See you soon. xxx

Abbey Studio