Dear Yogis & Kundalini Fans

We invite you to ‘Step into your Power’ in 2023.

  • Take control of your thoughts & feelings. Watching too much social media and television can leave us forgetting to tune into our own power of thought. Taking a few moments each day to be present with your breath and the power of the present moment can bring you back to your essence, your truth and your wisdom.
  • Journaling has long been a ‘go to’ for those wanting to put pen to paper, this act of physically writing brings a deeper power and strength to your intention and words. Perhaps add some time too for dreaming and visualising so that your soul/spirit can be heard.
  • Practice, whether at a class or on your own mat at home, give yourself permission for a daily practice. It can be as little as two minutes of breath work to a full class with mantra and savasana. You will feel more alive, your skin will glow and you will be more in tune with the rhythm and flow of life.
  • Be at peace with where you are right now.
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Be proud of who you are


If you would like to join us in 2023 for regular practice please get in touch.  We can also offer some one-to-one practice and there is one space available this year for a 200HR Teacher Training, please get in touch with Sarah on 07975511128 if you would like to know more. Kuniko our current student is doing an amazing job with her student classes and I have had great feedback from the yogis.

Love and Blessings for a healthy, happy & peaceful 2023.


Sat Nam



Abbey Studio

Ashburton, Devon

Abbey Studio