Our summer yoga programme is now in full swing.  Last night was our first Taster Class, giving new yogis the chance to see what they thought of our yoga style.  During the taster class we began the session with some long deep breathing, lying in a relaxed prone position we inhaled fully pushing our abdomen out and exhaled fully allowing the abdomen in.  The benefits of long deep breathing include, relaxing and depressing the nervous system, clearing energy blocks in the body, increasing the flow of prana (energy) around the body, releasing endorphins, natures anti-depressant and allowing us to bring our attention back to ourselves, back to our mind, body and spirit.

We continued the class with a warm up, specifically designed to work on the 26 vertebrae of the spine, increasing flexibility and clearing any stagnant energy.  Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine, so to stay young, stay flexible. This warm up also helps to ground our energy and help us stay rooted and connected to the earth’s energies.

Our main poses (kryia) were focusing on the seven chakras (energy centres) in the body. We slowly and mindfully worked on each energy centre beginning at the root centre and then flowing to the sacral energy centre and on to the navel plexus (helps with self-esteem, willpower and commitment) The fourth energy centre is the heart centre, if this area is out of balance our diaphragm doesn’t act right and we lose one third of our life force. All of our poses work at energising these centres and clearing any stagnant energy.  Next came the fifth energy centre – the throat centre connected to our thyroid gland which is connected to muscular control, body temperature and metabolism.  If this energy centre is blocked we find it difficult to speak our truth with love.  The sixth energy centre is connected with intuition and seeing things more clearly.  People centred in this chakra will see things more clearly, they have insight, intuition and will find clarity wherever they focus.  We finished the kryia with a pose to connect us with the universal energy – ‘We are One’.

We rest and relax between all of the phases of the class in savasana which is a deeply relaxing pose. Savasana brings integration of mind, body and spirit.  This beautiful style of yoga will energise you and leave you feeling clear, focused and motivated.

The last part of class is the powerful part of the class, the mantra, where we clear the chatter thoughts in the brain and allow authentic thoughts to form and flow from your mind.  We practiced ‘Kirtan Kryia’ which is a meditation for change – see Beth Morgan’s Meditation for Change – 40 day challenge on Facebook and join in!  Its never too late.  I strongly believe that the best part of the group will be continuing long beyond the 40 days.

My advice to you is, if in doubt, try it out.  It will change your life, for the better.


Sat Nam

Abbey Studio