We eagerly await the arrival of SaraQyoga and her amazing trapeze yoga to Abbey Studio.  Sara will be holding a beginners intensive course here at the studio starting on Monday 16th July.  This course will run for four weeks and the spaces are limited to six people.  Grab yourself a mat!

The yoga trapeze is a wonderfully strong playful practice, that combines a lovely mix of relaxation and challenge.  It is a brilliant tool for naturally healing the spine and joints through natural traction therapy.  Its wonderful for sub clinical back pain or for just learning something new and fun.

With the yoga trapeze many traditional yoga asanas, especially inversions are more accessible. Pressure is taken off the limbs and spine from simply hanging.  There is a wonderful sense of weightlessness and gravity is no longer an issue.

Trapeze yoga will help you build body strength, core strength, flexibility and wellbeing.

This practice is accessible to most people, you don’t need to be a yogi to do it!!

The contraindications with this practice are as follows: vertigo, glaucoma, recent concussion or head injury, recent surgery, epilepsy, recent stroke, pregnancy, obesity, hiatus hernia, high blood pressure, medications which have dizziness or fainting as a side effect.

Come hang at Abbey Studio!

Classes will last for an hour and a half and the price for the four week course is £60.

Abbey Studio